topum (topum) wrote,

Please don't!

This is also me when vegans are trying to explain the benefits of going vegan to me:

It happened a lot this summer (we actually had both vegetarian and vegan options for our volunteers this season and we were happy to accommodate both). I don't dislike the idea of it for other people at all but for myself, nah, man:

This is not my picture obviously, Helga will be making roast beef tomorrow.

We had a volunteer here this summer who once told me that he didn't like roast beef. I avoided him for the rest of his stay after that and tried to never sit next to him at lunch. Obviously, someone that unreasonable could have done anything crazy at any moment. Things like him stabbing me in the eye with his fork for no reason came to mind so I kept a safe distance. I don't trust people who don't like roast beef unless they are vegetarians, vegans or Hinduism practitioners.
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