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The worst curse to befall anyone

The worst curse to befall anyone is to be mentioned positively by Trump. It is guaranteed to result in a three-weeks-long news cycle starting with a couple of fair points but quickly deteriorating into madness before descending into an absurd performance involving multi-millionaire celebrities hijacking and dumbing down the discussion by wearing super expensive designer hats or suits and dresses of a certain colour to "express solidarity" with the downtrodden (they must look great though) and congratulating themselves on it while adding absolutely nothing and saying only the things that everyone already knows trying hard to hold back the tears thinking how awesome and "brave" they actually are. But we still have some time until that stage, they usually get in on it only when it is safe enough to chime in and positive PR is absolutely guaranteed and when not getting in on it might actually result in negative PR.

I am waiting eagerly to see what Armani garment and what colour (brave!) Meryl Streep might choose this time to "protest" or "support" or whatever. And I am waiting even more eagerly to her being subsequently called out for using that garment and that colour because they are somehow not inclusive enough or otherwise problematic. And then to those who called her out being called out and so on.

For now, I suggest everyone stop having Norwegian salmon just to be on the safe side. For the brave among you, filming yourself burning that salmon and posting the videos on Instagram might also be an option but be prepared to be called out for contributing to global warming or being culturally insensitive to the cultures where salmon pink is a sacred colour (Meryl will tweet about never wearing it again and will be called out on it too). Also, people whose totem animal is salmon will hang themselves because of you.

PS: Sending "thoughts and prayers" to that salmon. And *hugs* of course. #prayforsalmon
Tags: #prayforsalmon, norway, us
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