topum (topum) wrote,

More gifts

We visited this kid (see here) today. He also makes these (the watch, oh, excuse me, the timepiece (see here) is to give you an idea of the tile's size). The craftsman's brother saw me trying to take this picture with my phone and asked if he could do it instead, here it is:

But unlike his paintings, these are "mass production" for him, he makes one in no time and he makes a lot of them. The villagers use them to decorate their fences or their houses from the outside, sometimes by putting a whole line of these through the fence or on one of the walls. This one is about wine making which is a national pastime in Moldova.

He gave us a set of twenty five tiles for our house as a gift. Our house definitely looks way too minimalist to the locals and they are always trying to help us change that.
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