topum (topum) wrote,

New Year Eve

Yesterday we all went to one of the nearby towns, which usually celebrates the New Year big, bigger than the capital (see here why).

Last year they had Boney M (see here) headlining the countdown and this year they got Ace of Base, Dschinghis Khan și Arabesque. I have never heard of the last two but apparently they are German bands that used to be really popular internationally. I have heard of Ace of Base but I did not know any of their songs (but I hardly know any songs, I am not into music at all).

We stayed for about half an hour, walked around the market, listened to a couple of songs, bought some balloons for the kid, had some mulled wine, some of us danced a little and then we all went back to the village for the New Year party which was awesome.

Tags: moldova
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