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I am happy to report that as of today there are no more chained dogs not only in our village (that happened a while ago) but in all five villages that form our cluster of villages here. It took us a lot of work with the locals ranging from helping them with proper zoning and fencing of their gardens to introducing them to "those things always alone on a short chain in the far corner of their gardens" as smart and affectionate creatures as dogs are.

The dogs here always pick their favourites among the locals and the visitors. One of our volunteers formed such a strong bond with the dog that picked him as her favourite that he got the owners to give the dog to him and took it with him to Europe (had to go through a lot of bureaucracy). And this one here (see here) picked Helga.

And now meet Ursu, he picked me and would even try to push Helga away from me if she is too close when he needs my attention:

For more dogs see here.
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