topum (topum) wrote,

Does alternative medicine work?

So what's the deal with all this alternative, complementary or integrative medicine? Does any of it work? Do you or your friends or relatives have any experience with it? Is any of it real stuff or all of it is quackery or placebo? Please share your experiences or just thoughts with all of us here. I am naturally sceptical of this stuff but I know nothing about it and don't really have an opinion.

Did acupuncture save your life? What about magnets therapy? Was infrared red light therapy a turning point for you? Are you hooked on shooting coffee up your ass for the rest of life? What about healing crystals? Cryotherapy? Reiki shit? Did craniosacral therapy turn you into a different person? Is your life split into before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Or is oxygen passé and it is all about ozone therapy now? Do you have a chiropractor you take with you everywhere if your trip is longer than three days? What about amplipulse therapy? Isn't it what they did to gay men fifty years ago to 'cure' them? Has it 'gone mainstream' now? Do you swear by aromatherapy and light therapy? And finally what the fuck is thalassotherapy?

Also do you 'detoxify'? Do you Tai Chi? Do you yoga? Ayurveda? Chakras stuff?

Tell all, guys. Let's figure this stuff out, if we can't I don't know who can.
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