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A photo of my ass

This donkey is from one of the villages not far from our cluster and it was planned for slaughter but Helga happened to be there, the donkey looked her in the eye and it was done, she bought him. Helga already got us a kid (see here) and now a donkey. I wonder what's next. As you may remember, I am mostly getting us houses (see here).

Anyway, I am now a proud donkey owner so meet Buburuz (pronounced "Boo-boo-rooz"):

His name is not a proper word but an attempt to make "buburuza", which is Romanian for "ladybird / ladybug" (see the whole story here) masculine (it is a feminine noun in Romanian).

It is also the surname of a very famous Orthodox parish priest and politician here in Moldova apparently who was "probably the only clergyman thus far known to have been elected to the USSR Congress of People's Deputies as an unofficial candidate affiliated with informal national movements" whatever that means (see here).

Buburuz will now be losing that chain.
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