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Be HIP. What would Bach do?

On December 5th 2015, Nikolaus Harnoncourt informed his audience in an open letter that he would immediately retire from stage. Tree months later, on March 5th 2016, he died surrounded by his family at his house at Attersee.

He was very HIP.

Historically Informed Performance (HIP) is an approach to the performance of Western music and theater. Within this approach, the performance adheres to state-of-the-art knowledge of the aesthetic criteria of the period in which the music or theatre work was conceived. Whenever this knowledge conflicts with current aesthetic criteria, the option of re-training the listener/viewer, as opposed to adapting the work, is normally followed. Music is usually played on instruments corresponding to the period of the piece being played, such as period instruments for early music.

I think HIP is fascinating but at the same time I could agree with much of Tarushkin's criticism of it. I know very little about music though.
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