topum (topum) wrote,

Finally a car fit for Trump the POTUS

I would totally do this if I were Donald Trump. You don't have much to lose anyway, not that you will be remembered as a very reasonable man of great taste anyway so at least you'll have fun.

Imagine all those other heads of states arriving in those boring black cars wearing sensible shoes trying to appear as modest as possible and demonstrate how close to the people they are (and some even cycling or what is it that is "in" right now to demonstrate how down-to-earth a politician is) and here you are rolling in in this mother "'Sup bitches?!".

And watching CNN anchors drowning in their own saliva on air as well as Fox anchors trying not to have massive heart attacks while pretending with a straight face that this is nothing out of the ordinary, makes total sense and is in fact necessary would be fun too.

Tags: trump, us
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