topum (topum) wrote,

Yeah, we will build it

It is decided, we will build an observatory here (see here) next year. We have already chosen a great hill for it.

Today I built a small pull-up bar for the kid on our lawn just next to my big one. He has been doing push-ups just next to me in the morning and now he will have his own small bar for the pull-ups too, which he insists on joining me for as well.

We had to buy one of these today and I took him with me.

He was besides himself, I have never seen so much happiness in one place. We could not pull him away from it when we brought it back to the village too. But when Helga tried to get him interested in cooking with her a couple of times, he couldn't be less interested. The little dude definitely ain't got time for cooking and has all the time in the world for anything with tractor wheels on it.
Tags: moldova
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