topum (topum) wrote,

Give peace!

Nah, we don't feel like chilling in the lakes all day and want some action despite the heatwave so we are going to our neighbouring town first and then to the capital. The kid is already in the car (with his truck of course) and super excited. Because he decided that the trip was not going to be fun without him apparently. And forget about picking him up and carrying him to get anywhere faster, he is having none of that, he wants to walk and run everywhere himself (with a lot of diversions and stops along the way, basically for every turn, every kid, every shiny car, every ant or beetle and every street dog or cat). If I even try to pick him up I get "No! I'll walk!", so we are going to be moving around slowly this time.

It is amazing how quickly he picked up as much English from Helga as he has in slightly over a month. Just a while ago whenever I tried to pick him up it used to be "Dai pace!", which is pronounced as "day pache!" and means something like a very mild version of "leave me alone" (literally "give (me) peace") in Romanian.
Tags: moldova
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