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Girl power

Moldova strikes me as doing really well on girl power compared to what I could have expected. And it seems to be true on most levels, from family to government women seem to be quite empowered here for the poorest and least developed country in Europe.

Today the country's most prestigious technical university announced and honoured its top students for each of its ten departments. Apparently it is quite an event here because everything technical is very highly respected here from the Soviet times while, Business, Economics, Law, Media, etc is often viewed as kinda bullshit (and Science is way way cooler than Humanities).

Seven out of ten top achievers are girls and only three are boys.

Girls claimed the top spots in the following departments (I used GT to translate, so some sound awkward):

Computer Science, Informatics and Microelectronics
Electronics and Telecommunications
Construction, Geodesics and Cadastre
Technology of Food Processing
Textile and Polygraphy

The boys came at the top at the following three:

Mechanical, Industrial and Transport Engineering
Energy and Electrical Engineering
Economic and Business Engineering (apparently viewed as "Engineering Light" and very inferior to the the above two, so one goes here if he can't get anywhere else).
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