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So lavender Fridays have now become a thing

So Helga suggested to the girls from the village to harvest some of this (see here) and set up a stand near the road where the traffic between the nearby town and the capital happens because a lot of people are going in both directions for the weekend.

So the girls filled their baskets and off they went:

And trade was brisk and made the girls very happy. One bunch like this was priced at about 20 cents (it is pretty thick, enough for the bottom of it to fill the palm of an average hand holding it as a bouquet):

Turned out that way more hipsters from the capital were using that road on Friday afternoon than anybody could have expected. The girls sold everything they had pretty quickly and will now be getting ready for the next Friday (with more stock than they had this time). And Helga now wants to make some home-made lavender, goat milk and forest herbs soap with the girls to expand their range for the next time so they will start trying this weekend using the local ingredients from the village and are hoping that they will be able to have the first batch ready for the next Friday.

And yes, we all still smell of lavender here at all times.
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