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Moving to Chechnya might make a lot of sense for some

In Moldova and I understand in all the rest of the European former Soviet Union states and especially in Russia, "black" and "black-arsed" are popular derogatory names for people from the Russian part of Caucasus (Chechnya, Dagestan, etc) as well as other former USSR states around that region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, etc). Most of those people are caucasian. I mean they are white (they are from Caucasus too though).

We met some blond blue-eyed Chechens in Moldova for example. And Chechens are white, they look white, they identify as white themselves too of course (and I think it is safe to assume that there asses match the rest of them in this respect) but "black" and "black-arsed" are the derogatory terms they are called there. And a couple of Russian volunteers even told us that to them calling someone African "black" in Russian would feel more offensive than using the n-word. The n-word ("negr" in Russian) did not seem that bad to them, (obviously there are very few African Russians) and definitely better than using "black", which seemed more loaded to them. Those volunteers were in their fifties and from some small town in Siberia so I do not know how it is for the current generation say in Moscow.

I thought that this information could be of significant value to one struggling American, probably the only American in the whole world who could benefit a lot from actually moving from the US to Chechnya and becoming Chechen and then moving to and settling in Russia:

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