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I am so glad that she is not hot

Wow, so one of our new volunteers is this super impressive American woman who just gets things at lightning speed, is supper effective in doing and managing shit and people, intuitively gets all interpersonal / cultural differences / communication stuff, is driven, calm, tough and super likeable. And on top of that completely on the same wave with me at how she approaches things. I am so happy that she is here and also that she is not hot all (now, this is so horrible of me on so many levels, right?).

I am a bit surprised that after not speaking much English for a couple of weeks my English seems to have degenerated to the point where it does not flow out of me automatically as at usually does and when I do throw things out they are in a "that shit with that stuff was kinda shit and much better than that other thing" format. I never was very eloquent in English but I do hope that it recovers back to the usual level soon.

When I used to spend half of my time in Singapore my English turned into a bad version of Singlish quickly too. I suspect that it was because it simplified and made routine conversations much shorter.

A conversation at a supermarket till, which in Singapore could be like this:

Cashier: [pointing at the single item on the belt that the woman behind me is queuing to pay for] Quickly can?

Me: Can, lah.

He serves the woman behind me before me in silence, except for "No need, no need" from her when she sees him stretching his arm to get a plastic bag. She leaves in silence. He serves me in silence. I leave in silence.

I like how efficient this is. A lot of things are assumed and not said.

In London this could turn into this though:

Cashier: I am sorry, would you be terribly upset if I just quickly served that person behind you first? They picked up the wrong item by mistake and had to go back and change it but have the rest of their items already here with me, it is just three items, it will be very quick.

Me: Sure, I don't mind at all, please go ahead.

Cashier: Thank you so much. I just know that they are in a hurry.

Me: Not a problem at all, please go ahead.

The woman behind me: Oh thank you so much, I am rather late and seem to be terrible with labels. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Me: No problem, I hope you still make it on time.

The woman behind me: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Cashier: Thank you.

The woman behind me: Thank you very much.

Cashier: Thank you.

Me: Thanks [and just continue this endless thanking fest between the three of us where everyone thanks everyone at least 117 times for everything (including thanking them, yes you can thank people for thanking you) into eternity basically. And I really like this way too. I like how considerate, polite and personal it is.
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