topum (topum) wrote,

Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech cancelation

I think that Coulter's Berkeley speech cancelation is insanity however one looks at it. And also very lucky for Coulter.

I don't think I (and many people I know both in the US and outside) would have ever registered that Coulter's speech at Berkeley if they had let her speak for ninety minutes in some room there in front of the people who wanted to hear her speak. But now everyone knows about it and Coulter is a martyr in the name of free speech and "the left has gone insane and fascist" and "free speech" and "MAGA" and every TV network wants a piece of it. That's a lot of awesome free publicity and martyrdom and certainly much better for Coulter than that speech actually happening (not that she actually had anything new to say that those who wanted to hear her speak did not or could not hear her say on Youtube already).
Tags: ann coulter, berkeley, us
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