topum (topum) wrote,

They say I am a liberal

So everyone seems to be doing this and I have too. Below are my results. Closest Match: Liberalism.

Do it too, people and show us your real face. No more secrets from LJ brotherhood! Also, let's start the friending / unfriending frenzy where we will unfriend everyone with the political views different from ours and friend everyone with similar views to make the world a better place and ensure our morality is not compromised (works like a treat).

The test is here:

Of course I need to be called out on not being a true liberal because I do not believe that only Malala gets to have an opinion and can voice it because everyone else didn't get shot in the face trying to get an education (and also might have a penis). But then, I have heard that there are doubts now among the most woke liberals that Malala might actually be islamophobic because she blames those radical men for shooting her in the face for wanting to get an education and it is clearly not their fault (they are oppressed too and that's why they shoot girls in the face for wanting to go to school).
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