topum (topum) wrote,

White matriarchy

Village matriarchs. You do not want to get on the wrong side of them. Rule number one: you don't talk back. I learned it the hard way, that walking stick is not for walking. They can walk just fine (and run after you when they need to). My protests "Stop! This is white matriarchy!" didn't help one bit.

And they can throw away that stick and do more work in a day (and they do every day) than many of our young volunteers could do in a week (when they could do some work in between of being "triggered" by a lot of stuff).

These women had really hard lives with war, the brutality of the Soviet regime, deportations, extreme poverty, hunger, labour camps, murders of their loved ones and death of their sons (in Afghanistan) and they don't have it easy now either. If there even could be anything positive in all that stuff they have been through, it probably would be that they do not get easily triggered now by women being underrepresented (45/55 ratio) among the extras in the background shots in the latest Netflix special.

In Moldovan villages matriarchy rules and nobody is triggered.
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