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Thoughts on art

As many of you know I do not really "get" art and I rarely have deep thoughts in general but for what it's worth here is the art that caught my eye recently (as you may remember I am strangely drawn to medieval stuff) and the thoughts that went through my head when I saw it.

When you find yourself one-on-one with the woman you have been dating and she looks you in the eye and wants to "talk about us and where we are" for the first time and someone you don't even know walks in:

When you (the lion) are half way through the process of working on a girl you just met in a bar to take her home with you and you notice some dude next to you working on another girl and for a split second you think "Man, she is fine, I'd tap that":

When you have been watching porn on your ipad for eighteen hours straight without eating or showering and basically have given up on your life:

When you got married to an idiot and he is being all nice but you are like "This is my life now":

When you love your horse and your horse loves anal:

When you walk into a party and realise that you overdid it for Halloween again this year:

When you take your McLaren for a spin on a Saturday night:

When you are in a bar with your girlfriend and that girl from Tinder you did last week waves at you:

When somebody needs to tell you how your understanding of politics is all wrong even though they are basically dying:

When you order a drink at that place you rarely visit and realise that you forgot to tip that waiter the last time and were basically a condescending ass to him:

When you are all dressed up with a sword and a shield but your cattle is just being a dick (I love the cow's facial expression though):

When you were watching the game and drinking all night long at your mate's place because his wife was away and she comes back in the morning:

When you are by far the best looking guy in the room:

When you are a cat but you have cracked what this life is about:

When you are all like "You stop! No you stop! Hahaha!":

When you don't need this book (I like how the girl's eyeroll is so exaggerated she has to use her neck "all that talk and this is it?"):

And when you do need that book and your mates are all jealous and are like "Why do you think she'll choose you?" and you are like "Well, hello!".

When you find those drunk selfies from last night posted on Instagram:

And this last one I am sure everyone can relate to:

When you have two dozens of eyes on your head and are lying on the floor in a miniskirt with a rooster and a winged man in red tights with mini dragons on a skewer walks in playing a flute:

Well, this is how I see art. Here are all my posts on art.

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