topum (topum) wrote,

Russians on a boat

Two Russian guys on the boat from Ouranoupoli to Mount Athos, Orthodox Christianity's holiest place (except for the places they share with other denominations like all the holy places in Jerusalem).

I thought black-and-white suited the Russians. By the way only the Greeks beat the Russians on numbers of visitors to Mount Athos, which makes sense because Russia has more Orthodox Christians than any other country in the world but Mount Athos is still in Greece (and Russians need visas to visit Greece) and it is easier for the Greeks to get the diamonitirion (the permit to visit the monastic state), which is issued usually for a three nights stay to up to one hundred visitors a day, only up to ten of which can be not Orthodox Christians. I visited the place as one of those ten a day. It was an awesome place to visit and a very unusual experience.

Tags: agion oros, greece, mount athos, orthodox, russians
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