December 1st, 2019

We are getting one more kid for the holidays

One of my brothers has seven children. His family holidays are basically an expensive hassle. The party he usually needs to fly is actually closer to twelve people in total. This year he and his wife will just redistribute most of the kids to us (his brothers) and our parents and will have a light and easy holiday with just the youngest kids for a change. Helga and I are taking my niece Freja to Spain with us. Freja is 13 but she is one of those kids who are kinda scary because they have the maturity of someone twice their age. That includes the books she reads. Freja developed a special bond with Helga, they love the same things and love spending time together. I won't join them for most of that stuff that they like to do but I will be teaching Freja how to punch and elbow people in the face instead.

Merry Christmas to me

Christmas comes early this year, at least for me. I will be going to Vegas in less than two weeks for the UFC 245 on 14th December. Two of my brothers will be there as well and I will fly back to Spain right after the event.

Colby Covington will be taking on the reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the main event. Colby is very MAGA (see that hat at the face off?) and he talks a lot of shit too.

He also hangs out with Eric and Donald Jr Trumps and he visited Donald Trump at the White House after he won the interim belt, which he brought and placed on Donald Trump's desk.

So on top of the excellent fight itself, there is a lot of shit-talking and drama around it too, which brings in the casual fans and makes the event bigger. Many people are pissed off at Colby and want to see him destroyed. I don't care about anything except the fight itself and just want the best man to win.