July 7th, 2019

Again: God Bless America!

Since in the last couple of years we have been mostly hanging out in Eastern Europe (and mostly in the post-Soviet part of it), I often get people passionate about how evil America is try to "open my eyes" about well...how evil America is.

This is how those convos go in a nutshell:

"Truth Seer": OMG! America is so evil! It is run by Lizard Jews who conspired to fuck up the world! Look at these youtube videos, at this photo of a homeless man in New York and at what it did in X, Y, Z, etc! Also, Soros! OMG!

Me: Let me stop you right there:

OK, I am willing to admit that these guys are slightly better at it than I am but you get the idea.

The US is not perfect but it gets way too much shit from everyone (including the Americans themselves) lately and very little recognition of how important its leadership actually has been in the world in so many ways.

PS: I think I have fallen off the LJ train again and have a lot of catching up to do. But not today. I just had way too much steak for dinner to undertake such a task now. I also had a giant cheese board all to myself.