June 29th, 2018

Could it be as addictive as blow jobs?

There is this local guy in the nearby town who sometimes volunteers with us and we know him very well by now. He is a regular Moldovan guy in his forties, married with two kids. He works as a shop assistant at an electronics store, a very regular guy and there is nothing unusual about him. Except one thing, every morning before work he goes to the barber shop where a hair stylist blow-dries and styles his hair. Every morning. Before work. He starts at 9.30 AM at the store so he hits the barber shop at 8.30 AM and then proceeds to the store. Every day. A married forty-something regular father of two in a rural Moldovan town.

He does not look like he pays much attention to the clothes he wears, he does not look more fashion conscious than his peers here. It's just the hair. And no, he does not have one of those elaborate asymmetric hipster haircuts that require a lot of work and tons of at least twelve different types of waxes and pomades every morning, what they do for him at the barber shop is this "Soviet" thing that the deposed former president of Ukraine had:

It is so completely out of step with the rest of the guy that I cannot possibly imagine where this hair obsession thing is coming from. How did he decide that this was what he needed or wanted to do? Why? Why would he get up an hour earlier every morning to do this? It just fascinates me. May be it is particularly hard for me to understand because I never had my hair blow-dried and I don't remember when was the last time I used a hair brush because my hair is rather short and my hands is all I usually need? May be if I tried I would get hooked too? Maybe blow dries are like blow jobs, once you get one, you'll always want more?

Do you know people who have this one thing about them which is completely out of tune with the rest of them and it makes you go like "Wow, where is this coming from"?