December 25th, 2017

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton at the Christmas service

Meghan: Lol sis, we did well! But there is a price to pay for everything, I am with a ginger now and you got yourself a bald one and are dressed like some kind of Scottish hussar or something. Still a reasonable price for becoming queens, right sis?

Kate: You are never going to be queen. I am going to be queen, you'll just stay some obscure duchess nobody cares about, lol.

Meghan: Harry told me I'd be queen though.

Kate: LOL.

Meghan: Did you lie to me?

Harry: Define lying. Theoretically you might become queen if...

Meghan: Fuck you.

Kate: Told ya.

Meghan: Well, don't relax girlfriend, we'll see who'll become queen around here, it is time to shake things up in this swamp anyway. Don't see you becoming queen tbh, not in that hat, is it bear?

Kate: Well, she is a bitch.

Will: Told you.

Meghan: I am gonna be queen, bitches. Trust me.

Harry: Wow, who is that chick over there?

Queen: Well Hello everyone!

Meghan: Why she dressed as a carrot tho?

Queen and Duke of Edinburgh: Merry Christmas y'all!

Harry: Meghan please, you are embarrassing me in front of grandma.

Meghan: She does look like a carrot tho...

Harry: She's got all the cash.

Meghan: Say no more. My lips are sealed. Well, you are a carrot top, guess it makes sense that your grandma is a carrot. How much cash exactly though? You'd think with all that cash she could have bought a nice dress for herself...

Harry: Meghan!

Charles: Mum's dressed as a carrot, Camilla's dressed as a beetroot, WTF is going on here?

Duke of Edinburgh: We'll all become vegetables one day son.

Charles: Will I be organic though? I want to be organic rhubarb.

Duke of Edinburgh: Your mum and I feel like you have always been one, son.

If you want even more royals, here are Scandinavians and other Europeans for you (see here). Nobody knows or cares about them though, so they are much less fun than the Windsors.