December 22nd, 2017

May be do give up

So we can't leave here now because the kid's grandmother is now in hospital here (nothing too serious or life threatening but something that must be done).

Earlier this week we went to the city with the kid to take him to a children's Christmas event. I have to say that children's events seem to be hit and miss here. Just to give you an idea here is a short clip from one:

Basically, a woman who cannot sing comes out from behind a weird curtain in stripper shoes half way through the song that has nothing to do with children and starts lip syncing very badly from wherever the song was at when she got on stage and then a weird bear from hell joins her, has what looks like a seizure and wanders off stage while the woman keeps dancing (well, kind of).

By the way, this woman is a local X-Factor contestant, here is another song by her (a real gem):

What makes this a real torture is that she goes "I'll never give up" so much and half way through you kinda start believing that she might indeed never give up singing and you'll have to listen to her forever.

I know that we are supposed to be positive about everything these days and encourage everyone at all times and be nice or be quiet and all that stupid and meaningless shit about "positivity" etc, but maybe, just maybe, in this case do give up. At least consider it. I think it might be best for everyone.

Christmas preparation

Anyone: I know how to avoid getting sucked in all that Christmas preparation craze.


I came home with a Christmas tree today though. The kid is now decorating it. With trucks obviously. And I am going to the community centre to have a bit of Scotch with the boys.