December 15th, 2017

Net neutrality

I saw a child standing in the street alone and crying today but I just assumed that the kid was crying over net neutrality (obviously) so I did not stop and just kept walking. There is nothing I can do to help anyway.

It's not her, it's me

So yesterday Helga, I and another couple we met here (he is German, she is American) went to LP's concert in the city, she played here. I liked it as much as I can like music and being at a concert in general, which is not a lot. Being in one place for such a long time and not actively doing something myself but just being tied to one place and listening or watching something is very hard for me and it is always a great relief when the thing is over. The most tolerable out of the lot are 3D movies with a lot fights, crashes, spaceships, battles and aliens (and a lot of bright and fast moving things in general).

LP was pretty cool though, I would not do it again but it's not her, it's me (I would not do any of the concerts I have been to again).