December 14th, 2017

Pedophile lynched

It is windy, wet and muddy outside. But I just came home from the fields and Helga made leek and potato soup and is making a steak and Guinness pie and a chicken and mushroom pie - awesome. The kid and I had some soup and I went to our community centre for a meeting with Elizabeth and our construction team.

Today's lunch discussion topic among our volunteers at the community centre not surprisingly was sexual harassment, rape and pedophiles. Nice.

One of our US volunteers asked a bunch of local guys how would allegations of child sexual abuse be viewed and dealt with here. The answer basically was lynching. They told us that about seven years ago some guy in a village about twenty miles away got drunk and raped a 12 year old girl. The girl's father took an axe and minced his head with it before the police could even get involved.

- He murdered him right away?
- He executed him.

After a long court hearing he got a suspended sentence. The girl's family also left the village and moved to a different region of the country. So did the pedophile's family.