December 9th, 2017

Make billionaires history

Tony Hawks is an awesome dude. His book Playing Moldovans at Tennis is amongst the most popular in our library among the volunteers (but of course his best known one is still Round Ireland with a Fridge). Playing Moldovans at Tennis is about the bet he entered into with a friend of his to play every player from the Moldovan national footbal team at tenis and win. The looser had to strip naked and sing a song in one of London's squares. So Tony came to Moldova in 1998 and tracked every single player from Moldova's national football team and convinced them to play him at tennis.

This MBE is well deserved, Tony did a lot of work with Moldovan kids with special needs (mostly cerebral palsy) and the British Government has now recognised the work his centre has been doing in Moldova. But I think his hopes of getting some recognition for his centre from the Moldovan government as well will remain just hopes unless he lets a wife or a son of one of the government officials head his centre and siphon off those foreign donations to their Swiss bank accounts, because this is all they are interested in here.

Tony says he also had a chat with Prince Charles who of course knows quite a bit about Moldova because he spends quite a bit of time in Romania and is loved both in Romania and here (see here).

Here is Tony in front of Buckingham Palace with his one minute MBE speech:

And here is his talk at TEDx in Chisinau (Moldova's capital):