December 5th, 2017

I'll take any cake, gay wedding or Christian

I came back from the city and went to our community centre. It was full of our volunteers having after dinner drinks, playing some pool, etc and generally catching up as usual. The main discussion today is the Christian baker baking wedding cakes.

I got myself a beer and watched both sides passionately defend their views on this for about seven minutes. But as soon as I finished my beer I got bored and realised that, not surprisingly my main takeaway from that discussion was "I need cake now". I didn't even care if it was a Christian cake or a gay wedding cake or even a cake baked by everyone at a huge gay wedding for just one Christian baker, which they decided not to give to him in the end. I would still take it. As you know I am an EFFE sufferer (see here) and I am really bad with political statements when it comes to turning down food.

So I went home and asked Helga if we had some cake by any chance. And we did. Turned out Ilinca (see here) is staying with her parents in the village for a couple of days and she came to our place to catch up with Helga and brought us her signature layered honey cake. How nice of her.

Tha cake was awesome. Ilinca is so much more reliable than those Christian bakers.