December 2nd, 2017

My brother is here

My brother is here visiting us for the weekend with his wife and some of his kids and our kid is absolutely puzzled and fascinated by his likeness to me (we do look alike, talk alike and have similar body language). He kept watching him and even followed him around for a while trying to get a closer look (but still from a safe distance). He still can't get his head around it and seems a bit tense around my brother as if he suspects that he is some kind of an imposter or is trying to replace me or something. Everyone here finds it hilarious.

On the other hand, he gets on famously with his two new "cousins" who are around his age and there was a lot of running around the house with trucks here today.

Helga made us some awesome lamb for dinner, which went very well with the Moldovan wine from our cellar. And my teenage niece made some impressive chocolate souffle for desert, after which my brother and I went to our guest house at the top of the hill to catch up, which we did on the terrace over quite a lot of Moldovan brandy (some of it is seriously good stuff).

Elizabeth invited all of us over for breakfast tomorrow morning. She is an excellent cook and it will be something very American as usual, which I look forward to. And she is joining us for dinner at a restaurant in the capital tomorrow evening with her boyfriend.

US tax bill

The dilemma I am facing right now is "Do I get into the details of that US tax bill and what it actually will mean (snore) or do I just rage about and make fun of it and blame it all on the people I don't like (yay, fun!)?".

I am heavily drawn to the latter, it is just so much more fun. The problem is that I probably do need to know at least something about it (snore again) to rage about it (yay!)...but then just saying "it will work great for the wealthy and will be tough on the poor" is never wrong about anything in life really so I am probably good to go. I must also not forget to mention the Logan Act (wtf is it about btw?), it seems like a really "in" thing to mention right now and I don't want to look like I am behind on the cool and smart stuff.