November 30th, 2017

Women and money

Helga sponsors a school here and the day care centre for children with special needs where she works with the children as well. She also teaches at the local school and together with Elizabeth runs a coop of young women and girls that they created.

Even though I have nothing to do with Helga's donations, everyone here still always assumes that Helga just uses my money. Generally, conversations about money are routine and nothing special here. Asking someone you hardly met how much money they make, how they do it and how much savings they have, etc is small talk here, I think I wrote about it already. So whenever it comes to it, and it does quite a bit, I always have to explain that I have nothing to do with Helga's donations and that she uses her own money for that and that it is completely separate from me or our project. The locals refuse to give up though: "But she gets her money from you first, right?". I go on to explain that she doesn't but they never believe it and don't give up: "Where did she get the money from though?". Oh boy..."Helga was one of the early investors in an internet retail company that ended with a very big sale before we even met, she also worked and has family money". That seems to convince them but after a one minute pause they still come back with "OK, but you still have more money than Helga, right?". Oh boy...Where else could I have conversations like these ever let alone twice a week?

Lesson learned: bridegrooms are a waste of candy

At this wedding we attended here a bunch of girls decided to dress one of the girls up as a bride and have their own play wedding. The main difficulty they encountered in setting this up was recruiting a bridegroom. All of the boys were running around and were not even remotely interested. In the end they managed to convince one of the youngest boys to be the bridegroom they needed for the ceremony (mostly by giving him candy) and he was impatiently waiting while they dressed the bride up so that he could do his part and get his last candy instalment paid out to him:

But then as the bride was about to put on her white dress he got a serious case of cold feet, collapsed and was having none of it:

The girls had to ask an adult to help convince him to do his bit as he promised:

But he was having none of it and the girls went "screw this, boys are unreliable and they suck, we can have an awesome wedding without a bridegroom":

And they did:

They also learned that boys and bridegrooms are mostly just a waste of candy.