November 27th, 2017

Make it rich and wealthy

I genenrally do not care about interior design, do not notice it much and am easily comfortable almost anywhere. But when we came here, I could not help but notice that Moldovans liked very different interiors compared to what people usually would go for in Europe to the west of them these days.

The locals were throughly disappointed by how our house here looked after it was renovated and extended. Way too simple and empty. The key word many Moldovans use to describe the ideal interior would be "rich" or "wealthy". Cool interiors have to "look rich and wealthy".

To give you an idea of what an ideal interior here might look like, imagine this:

Now imagine it done in Chinese plastic and polyester on a budget of eighty bucks.

PS: It is Anne of Austria's bedroom in Fontainebleau in the photo.