November 24th, 2017


So Thanksgiving is going great. I basically ate turkey and then I ate turkey again and then I ate turkey until I couldn't breathe. And then I threw my head back, opened my mouth as wide as I could, put a turkey in it and hammered it into my face with a hammer. Then I lay on the floor, put two more turkeys into my mouth and had three of our volunteers jump on top of them to jam them in as well.

I think I am not going to sleep in our bed today but will sleep in a bathtub full of cranberry sauce instead. I am considering taking three turkeys, liquifying them in a blender and then dripping them into myself intravenously while I sleep in that tub.

But seriously, our resident Americans threw an unbelievable Thanksgiving for all of us here. The locals here are now in love with Thanksgiving. I'll have to get back to it tomorrow though, that turkey is waiting for me. Yeah, for me it is all about turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS: Anyone who says something like "I don't really like turkey, it is a bit dry, isn't it?" is getting an automatic ban and I will also make it the point of my existence to troll you into deleting your LJ account asap. If it is dry, then you didn't cook it right. It's not the turkey, it's you.