November 18th, 2017

Sexual abuse by Roy Moore and Al Franken

Americans again are making things way more complicated that they need to be. All those endless investigations into sexual abuse by Roy Moore (pure horror show if you are a democrat, "the bitches are clearly lying" if you are republican) and Al Franken (horrific stuff if you are a republican, just a bit of cheeky fun if you are a democrat) seem to be going on forever and are unnecessarily complicated when evidence is just out there in the open and has always been.

Just two minutes with Google yielded not just some evidence but irrefutable evidence for both (and all future) cases (I learn from the best baby, I learn from the Russians).

Here is where it all happened obviously (Russian text at the top adds credibility of course):

And here is the rest of irrefutable evidence:




And done.

No, no, this (it is way cooler from a high horse):

PS: Wouldn't it be cool if Tillerson and Lavrov talked to each other using GIFs on Twitter? I bet that would make foreign policy popular among the young.