November 17th, 2017

So I proposed to Helga and she said no

Nah, just messing with you, Helga said "yes". We will get married next year in Denmark.

Helga, the kid and his grandmother came back from London today. I hired a bunch of local lawyers to start the work to let us become the legal guardians of (and subsequently adopt) the kid in case something happened to his grandmother (she is actually his grandmother's sister). We have her full support and cooperation of course. She is of a very advanced age and, as things stand now if something happened to her the kid would end up in a local orphanage (you don't want to imagine what it is like). The process is going to be very complex legally but I have put together a very good team of lawyers to work on it for us.

Two of my brothers raise both adopted and biological kids in their families, so the challenges of adopting are not new for our family and help will be available for us when it comes to navigating through the challenges and the pitfalls of adopting and raising an adopted kid.