November 11th, 2017

More of us

I have a new nephew, Lars (one of my brothers) and Freja had their fourth kid today. I have so many nephews and nieces though (and they just keep coming at a steady pace) that this is pretty routine by now. This one is special however, because this one is Bjorn like me.

It's Americans again

A huge number of volunteers from all over the world passed through us in the last two seasons that our project was active here and today someone asked me who (meaning nationality) I thought were the best volunteers overall.

This is easy: Americans over 35 or so are the best volunteers overall based on my experience here. We would be nowhere without them. Younger Americans are pretty good too but they are kinda a different breed compared to over 35 ones and would not take the first spot on their own. All Americans mixed together would still take the first spot though I think (because Americans over 35 were really damn good).

Yeah, I know that "everyone is different", "splitting people by nationality is bad", etc, etc but I don't care about that stuff. And I like jokes based on stereotypes too.

Blue boxers and the seven fortresses of Erdelistan

Look, they emailed back.

In Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania.

Btw, In Romanian Transylvania is called Ardeal although Transilvania (with "i") is also used. In Hungarian (some parts of it are predominantly Hungarian-speaking) it is Erdély (pronounced [ɛrdeːj]). In German (unfortunately the majority of Germans are gone from the region) it is Siebenbürgen (seven fortresses). And in Turkish it is Erdelistan or Erdel.

Yes, this is how write my posts here, I often have no idea what it is going to be about when I start. Here I started with a picture of some dude flashing his underwear and ended with how they call Transylvania in Turkish. Makes sense. If anyone needs tips on how to improve the flow in say your fanfic, I have a lot to give obviously and will be happy to help.