November 9th, 2017

Buying trucks in compliance with the honour code

Helga ended up in Hamleys today with the kid and offered to buy him some trucks (his absolute favourite toys) and he picked one. Helga asked him if he wanted to pick another one and he picked exactly the same one. She asked him if he indeed wanted two absolutely identical trucks and his response was "No, also for Petrea and Stefanel" meaning that ideally he wanted two more exactly the same trucks to give them to his friends Pete and Stefan back at the village. The first two were for him and for Florian, his other buddy and member of his gang.

The trucks had to be exactly the same according to the honour code all boys up to about sixteen live by at the village. Getting a bigger truck for yourself or two trucks for yourself would be a breach of that honour code and would bring shame on one's head. The code is super important to the boys in the village from an early age. Actually, I have to do a separate post no it, it is a big and interesting part of life here and understanding it is key to interacting with and managing the local teenage boys.

Helga gave the kid a go ahead for two more trucks and he was super happy to walk away with four identical trucks for the whole gang in full compliance with the honour code.

One thing that he finds particularly difficult to adjust to in London is that he cannot go outside alone when he wants as he does in the village (kids run free here). So it puzzles him why can't he just go out of our house and run around London alone for a bit when he wants to.

Some mornings are tough

Yesterday Elizabeth and I got a lot of work done and we felt quite happy about ourselves. After we were done (which was quite late) I went to grab a couple of drinks with the head of our construction team even though both of us knew that we had to start very early today. Elizabeth very cleverly did not join us and went straight to bed.

This was us in the morning in our heads when we just kept on drinking into the night:

This was us this morning in reality:

And this was Elizabeth in the morning:


Mariah Carey - 0, Whitney Houston - 1

So Mariah Carey had one too many one night and thought:

- Fuck, I need a bit of this in my life (I have always been way cooler than Whitney and I deserve this too):

- And I have this Anello guy (OK, he is no Kevin Costner but I have been drinking all day, so he will do):

In her head she was going for this:

In reality she got this:

"The draft lawsuit makes allegations of sexual harassment, claiming that Mariah Carey committed "sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello." Anello claims during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mariah asked him to come to her room to move some luggage and when he got there, she was wearing a see-through negligee that was open. He says he tried leaving but she insisted he move the luggage. He says he left the room and there was no physical contact."

Because 2017.