November 3rd, 2017

So I am single again

This is the busiest part of the year for us and we work almost around the clock. We are in the middle of the planting season and are finalising all outside construction projects for the winter. Our team swells to its largest size at this time of the year too.

I just came back from the city. I drove Helga, "our" kid and his grandmother to the airport and they flew to London. So I am "single" and childless for a couple of weeks. This is the kid's first time at our house. From "our" village here to London would be one hell of a change for an adult but I think it won't be such a big deal for a kid. And his grandmother will be happy to discover London's abundance of Hermes and other stores just at our doorstep (see here).

We took on a lot this year and it is very satisfying to see it all come together. We owe a lot of it to Elizabeth (see here). We were super lucky that she joined us. As you may remember she joined as a volunteer but I very quickly saw that she was someone I could push all my work onto (so that I can do sweet fuck all, I always keep my eyes open for that) and offered her a paid position with us, which she accepted.

She proved to be much better than I expected and way better than I was at the job. She became a star in the village and among our volunteers, everyone loves and respects her. The time she spent here with us worked very well for her too. She joined us fresh out of a long and abusive relationship (why the fuck women do this?) and was both broke and broken. She will leave back home to the US just before Christmas to be back to Europe in January, when she will move to Oslo and start her new job at a firm where I am a non-exec partner.

She will stay with us in London (she became BFFs with Helga) for three days on her way to Norway and she won't be alone but with her Moldovan boyfriend (he also volunteered with us here) who also found a job in Oslo to join Elizabeth there. He also bought a summer house in our village as a surprise birthday present for Elizabeth, so she is now our neighbour here too and will be back to the village next summer.

OK, we are all off for dinner now.