October 29th, 2017

Grandma is the boss, dad can't help you now

These two little dudes where having a lot of fun with their dad running freely around cars, rolling in the grass, eating cheap hotdogs (some of it off the ground after dropping it) and jumping off the small cliff into a heap of sand and smelling empty beer bottles while their dad (who looked like he was 21 at most) was having beer and exchanging dirty jokes with his mates nearby (and within the kids' earshot). The dude in the US flag t-shirt on the left is one of their dad's mates.

All that fun was short-lived though and came to an abrupt end as soon as grandma detected it. She marched towards the dad's gang, delivered some serious bollocking to her son in law, picked up the boys and dragged them away. The little guys were crying "Tataaaaaaaa!" (Daaaaady!) hoping that their dad could save them but he barely saved himself and there was no chance for the boys. Grandma was the boss here.