October 24th, 2017

We are so cliche

I discovered Yehuda Devir's comics about relationships and about every fourth or fifth one was "Oh boy, this is us, this is me and this is Helga". I have never been original in any areas of life (and quite stereotypical in many of them) but it was fun to see again just how cliche we are.

For example, tomorrow we are going out with a gang from here and meeting up with a gang from the city at one of the coolest new rooftop bars in the city and Helga announced that "she will go wild and drink like there is no tomorrow this time" (this means the amount of alcohol that my twelve year old nephew wouldn't notice and would have very little trouble finishing his homework after).

So this will be us tomorrow (it always is on those rare occasions when Helga 'goes wild' like she plans to do tomorrow):

Next morning it will be this:

Then I will call Elizabeth and tell her that I will miss the morning brief and will come directly to the town council in time for our lunch meeting there because this: