October 22nd, 2017

But do you have something with more tiki-da-lah-lah-lah?

Moldovans from our villages really do not get the music that, say UK might send to Eurovision or that might be popular in UK. They seem to be decidedly Balkan here in this respect and music has a clear role of making one want to dance after a day of hard work (or make one cry sometimes). It needs to have rhythm, fire and be simple and catchy above all.

Our British volunteers were putting on some alternative indie British music with complex ballads and stuff after dinner. The faces of the locals' were priceless. When the Brits asked the locals if they liked the music they responded "Yeah.....yes it is good.....but do you have something with a bit more tiki-da-lah-lah to it?". They hated that British stuff.

This, and not some political voting as is often suggested is the key to UK always doing badly in Eurovision. There are a lot of Balkan states these days, just Yugoslavia alone seems to have split in 729 states. There is no love lost between them (they often bombed each other) but when it comes to music they get each other because they to a large extent have a shared cultural space and they absolutely do not get a lot of British stuff.

Btw this is where tiki-da-lah-lah comes from (Romanian band and song) to give you an idea what it is about:

Put this one on and everyone is on their feet showing their best moves. British artsy dudes with guitars in hipster hats and old t-shirts with sad ballads just don't cut it here, not enough tiki-da-lah-lah-lah.