October 17th, 2017

Verkhniy Poperechniy Mikhailovskiy Proezd Street

As you may remember I have been trying to pick up some Russian while we are based here, so far...with very limited success.

I can read but I still understand very little of what I am reading. I feel that I am pretty good at it but in reality I am crap at it because many native Russian speakers do not even get that I am speaking Russian when I am reading Russian to them. So that goes under "limited success" in my book.

And Russian grammar is so insane that I don't think it makes any sense to even start on it. Six main cases (and more with "not main" ones) with different endings for each of them, etc and it is just the beginning of the corridors of kaleidoscopic wonder and pure insanity that is Russian grammar. The rules are only loosely there because they apply only about half of the times while another half is exceptions to the rules that do not follow any rules whatsoever so why even bother with the rules.

Anyway, I was talking to a former volunteer of ours on the phone today. He is a Russian guy from Moscow. I had to put down a couple of addresses in Moscow during that conversation. The first was Krzhizhanovskogo Street (ok, kzhizha-zhuzha-gogogo street, got it) and second one was Verkhniy Poperechniy Mikhailovskiy Proezd Street. WTF? And you cannot just go, say "Verkhniy" or "Mikhailovkiy", you need to say the whole thing for people to understand where you need to get. Yeah, I just asked him to email those addresses to me of course.

After we hang up I bitched about it to another Russian volunteer we have here with us now and his come back was "I am sorry mate but you are not the one to bitch about this. I am telling you this as someone who tried to find Tissvassklumptjønnin in Norway last year." He didn't really visit Tissvassklumptjønnin but I was impressed he knew the name.