October 15th, 2017

Plane crash

The big news here today is the crash of a cargo plane in Côte d’Ivoire.

The plane belonged to or was hired by the French army but all four people who were on board and died in the crash were Moldovans. That raised some eyebrows here in Moldova.

The locals: "French army? Côte d’What? Moldovans? Dead? Oh yeah, this is the only way we Moldovans get into the news, by dying weirdly, this is the Moldovan way".

It's a boy

Ilinca (read about her here and here) gave birth to a healthy boy today in the afternoon. So we all went to her husband's village, she lives there with him now.

Her husband (who is just a kid like Ilinca herself) is beaming with pride and joy. The whole village is buzzing, his friends came over from the other villages in the area and there is lot of wine and a lot of loud singing and dancing and it will go on well into the night. The whole village is celebrating.

They named the boy Gheorghita (Ghee-or-ghee-tza), which means "little Georgie" and he will be Gheorghe (Ghee-or-ghee), which is George when he grows up.