October 7th, 2017

Haven't seen a spanking like this in a while

Our Elizabeth had a long-standing feud with a guy at the ministry here who was being a complete dick to her and generally was going to enormous lengths to make life as difficult as possible for our project here for absolutely no fucking reason. I interfered and shut him down a couple of times but then Elizabeth asked me not to interfere and leave this to her. I did. And boy did he get on her nerves and make her suffer at times.

Anyway, on Friday this war came to its final battle which happened in front of the minister himself at the long closing meeting. Both of them knew they would be trying to make each other look bad in front of the minister and win this at that meeting. They also knew that there would not be a second stab at it, the minister would not have another hour for our project in a long time.

Elizabeth prepared, oh boy she did. She agonised over every possible scenario and planned both her attack and defence for each of them in painstaking detail. I was certain she was going to destroy the guy. She is about ten times smarter than the guy and his only advantage is that he does not have to speak via a translator like Elizabeth.

At the meeting he started as his usual dickhead self both attacking us and being utterly disrespectful to Elizabeth (like demonstratively ignoring everything she was saying and her in general and just addressing me directly speaking over her like she was not there). Elizabeth was stepping on my foot hard under the table to stop me from stepping into that provocation in front of the minister.

And then she destroyed him. It was painful to watch but also beautiful in terms of execution. She did not want to do it in front of the guy's ultimate boss unless she really had to but the guy was a complete dick and she had to defend our project plus he got her angry and she just made it a payback time for all the pain she suffered at his hands as well as a teaching moment.

She was logical, structured, thorough but concise and convincing on each of her points and left no shadows for the guy to hide. The meeting ended disastrously for him, he looked both stupid and like a dick. The minister completely sided with Elizabeth (I do not see why any reasonable person wouldn't though) and we emerged complete winners from that final battle, which is excellent news for our project here.

I wish I could add that Elizabeth was a graceful winner but this was her saying good bye to the guy and leaving the meeting room after the meeting ended:

Can't blame her. He earned this. And so did she.