October 2nd, 2017

Independent Catalonia

So what do you think guys? Will we be welcoming the newly independent Cataluña into our European family? I think we will and soon. I did call both Brexit and the US Election wrong though.

And what about Kurdistan?

And in general, should anything limit people's right to self-determination?

Barefoot and sexy

One of our volunteers is working with a group of local boys who work in their own woodworking shop here (we helped repair and equip it last year) trying to help them open a small and simple internet shop to sell some of their work online. This includes developing the range of small wooden items they could possibly sell online. Today I was invited to their brainstorming session where I was absolutely useless but had fun. My suggestion was to make these shoes:

You know for those times when you want to go barefoot but still look cool and sexy. And excruciating pain and almost complete severance of blood circulation to large areas of the body is something many women already do anyway and should not be a problem.

At the very list they should make a pair for Elizabeth (see here). I would also get a pair for one of my sisters in law (see here).