September 29th, 2017

This is how it's done, bitch

This dude in Place des Vosges in Paris thought that he was being super subtle while taking candid shots of me unnoticed shooting from the hip (look at his hand still on his camera in this shot). But of course I saw it and I even "posed" for him trying to get him some interesting shots of me.

I let him take a couple of good shots thinking that he was some kind of a hidden camera candid shots genius and while he was still taking more I turned to him, looked him directly in the eye, raised my camera to my eye pointing it straight at his face, took this point blank range shot of him, lowered my camera, looked him in the eye again and gave him a friendly "this is how it's done, bitch" smile. He got tense until I smiled at him but when I did he just smiled back and we had a good laugh about him getting caught by me.

If you decided to do something, just do it, don't be a scared bitch about it, it will only make it worse.

Death of a butterfly

I saw this butterfly land on this flower and took my phone out to take a photo of it. As I approached the flower the butterfly kinda jumped off the flower a bit but was pulled back immediately and then it just weirdly slid off the flower a little bit. I came really close and it became clear that I witnessed this butterfly's last flower landing ever:

She was already paralysed by the spider's bite, stopped moving and was dying and turning into a nice dinner for this little green fella:

The butterfly probably managed to leave hundreds of 'kids' on this planet and would have been killed off by low temperature very soon anyway. And this way it got to go in her favourite place (I assume here that butterflies like flowers) and become something it liked a lot too (here I assume that butterflies like food a lot).