September 19th, 2017

Different strokes for different folks

Today we visited the home village of one of our local volunteers (a great guy who volunteered with us last year and came back this year too). We always noticed how different he was from the locals in our village and today we saw how different his village was from ours too. Ours is all green rolling hills and dense forests and his is all about rocks, rivers and the wind. There are rocks and water everywhere you look, it is beautiful, open and windy and very different from our village.

And the villagers are different from ours, they are mostly fishermen, stonemasons and sheep shepherds and are "harder" and more solitary (much less hobbity) than our villagers who spend most of their time working in the fields and orchards in huge teams.

We had local speciality sheep cheese and freshly caught river fish with mamaliga (see here) for lunch. It was extraordinary.

And this is the car I drive here at the entrance to the village:

We will come back here.