September 18th, 2017

IRA is still active in UK

I have heard that before the age of the internet a lot discussions that happen online now happened on public toilet walls but I thought it was long gone. Well, apparently some of it is still going on and one can catch a glimpse of this time-honoured practice at the public toilet in Leicester Square in London.

For example, on this door of the stall I was using a gentleman named Chris kindly left his phone number. I guess one could call Chris if one feels lonely in that stall. Quite nice of Chris.

A phone number that promises to connect one to a ladyboy is conveniently placed below Chris's number. I think one can use it in case Chris is busy and can't really talk or if one generally had all those questions about ladyboys and never really got the time to get them answered.

Finally, someone also kindly informs us that IRA is still active in the UK, which I found a useful reminder but judging by "So fucking what?" below it, not everybody did at first. But in response to that question someone kindly explained that it was important because they "still want to murder innocent people".