September 16th, 2017

With grandad

This kid wasn't interested in those cars nearly as much as her grandad was and found me taking pictures of the race with my phone more interesting.

In Moldova.

Is everything stupid?

I'll come clean first: I had a lot of beer and a lot of vodka (not the best combo).

On to the real stuff though: I just did my usual read through the news (that usually includes everything from crazy leftist bullshit to insane right wing bullshit and everything in between) and it struck me that we live in enormously, powerfully stupid times and everything is mighty stupid.

There, you get "deep insights" from me today. Sorry that it is a bit thin on the depth and on the insight but you probably know by now that being deep or insightful is not my forte and this is as good as it ever is going to get (and only after a lot of alcohol, I am allergic to deep shit otherwise).

I know that I will be sober tomorrow morning and all that will (kind of) make sense again. But what if one day it doesn't? What if one day I wake up nice and early all sober bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and everything is still really really stupid?

PS: Angela Merkel got to number ten spot of Politico's list of things blowing up American politics for "being the new leader of the free world". I like how the leader of the whole fucking free world can only get to number ten when she tries her luck in the US. Also, "Angela Merkel is the new leader of the free world". I'll have to quote the shit my stupid teenage niece uses when she texts her equally stupid teenage friends because nothing would work better to respond to this: LOL, bitch please...
No offence to Germans is intended.