September 8th, 2017

I lost...

...the first set but won the match. This feels awesome. The match was awesome. I am awesome. He is kinda awesome (although not nearly as awesome as I am). And today's dinner at Brasov's top restaurant with the whole gang paid by him will be awesome too.

As expected, he upped his game significantly but still not enough. And he did not address his weakest point at all, which is that he cannot psychologically recover after a failure (like a serious losing streak) that comes after a success (like a set he won before) and starts gradually writing off the whole game in his head because of it and losing stamina and determination fast. He did it in his work when he worked for us too and I told him about it both in relation to his work and his game many times.

Some people in our gang started saying the dumb cliche crap nobody ever believes like "Well it is all about the game, not about winning", "As long as you have a good time...", etc and both of us immediately went "LOL, oh no, this was first and foremost about winning, this was the main thing here, the rest is way less important. Winning is everything in this, fuck participation, "just a game" and good time."